Requests for Information

We offer the services of our staff in answering your requests for information.  As many of our records are handwritten and/or hard to read and only our general subject areas are indexed, all searches require time.  There will be nominal charges for copying or scanning material;  and a donation to the Historical Society is not only appropriate but also much appreciated.

Examples of a request for specific information:

  • What are the founding date and governing board members of the Hamden Free Public Library.
  • I’d like to find the the burial records of my great-grandparents, William and Anna Hudson. William died in 1881 and Anna died in 1900.
  • What types of information do you have on the Dickerman family?
  • Do you have any photos of J. Walter Basset?

We cannot always respond to requests for broader, general searches.  In these instances our staff can give you guidance as you perform the research yourself.

Examples of general information:

  • Can you provide all records on a certain surname or all records on a certain family?
  • Can you provide all records dealing with a large time span or within a general locality?
  • Can you send me information on the Webb family in the 1800′s?
  • What can you tell me about the history of Sleeping Giant?

To facilitate your request, please supply as much of the following as possible:

  • approximate dates (within 10 years) of the event,
  • locations (neighborhoods)  where the subject(s) lived,
  • background of the family members or organization and other relevant information.