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February 25, 2017


The situation regarding the demolition of historic homes on Whitney Avenue by Quinnipiac University has not come to a conclusion yet.  Two respected historical organizations have taken an interest in our plight and are working with us to reach a positive resolution with QU.  They are the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation and the State Historic Preservation Office.  Your signature on our petition can be an effective tool in showing these groups that the local community stands behind us in our endeavor to Save Mount Carmel.



SIGN THE PETITION!    Preserve the historic homes on Whitney Avenue



We at the Hamden Historical Society (HHS) know that many of you are concerned about the homes along Whitney Avenue being demolished by Quinnipiac University.  We share that concern.  The HHS board and the Hamden Historic Properties Commission have met with a representative of the university, who agreed to extend the demolition date for the most historically significant structures while we write and submit a proposal to preserve them.  Towards that end, we will be engaging an architectural historian to evaluate the condition of some of the buildings.

But there is still something concerned citizens can do.  The Historical Society encourages you to continue to send letters of objection to local newspapers and to Hamden’s Building Official Robert Labulis, at Hamden Government Center, 2750 Dixwell Avenue, 06518.  Also, HHS will soon be publishing an online petition for you to sign; we’ll keep you updated on that.

Follow this link for information about the Historic Homes on Whitney Avenue and their planned demolition by Quinnipiac University.

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The Hamden Historical Society Library and History Room was inaugurated in 1984 and provides a secure, central place to hold and display items which shed light on Hamden’s past. The collection consists of artifacts, primary source documents, organization records, photographs, and like materials.

The Hamden Historical Society is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and making available to researchers and the general public materials relating directly and significantly to the history of Hamden and its citizens. The History Room, housed in the Miller Memorial Library, is the repository for the storage and preservation of these historical documents. Many of the library’s holdings are listed in the catalog of the Hamden Public Library.

The Library is staffed by a part-time professional Archivist and assisted by trained volunteers. Our existing records are continually developed with ‘finding aids’ and improved organization, and enhanced by additional documents from donors interested in preserving Hamden’s past. These records can be used for historical, sociological, genealogical research, and/or to satisfy your interests.

Researching independently at the Historical Society Library

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